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ity, ●and preaching.[209] Cranmer, who had more di■scernment and a more practical spirit, had■ no hope of the monks. 'Satan,' he said, 'li■ves in the monasteries; he is s■atisfied and at his ease, like■ a gentleman in his inn, and

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  • s wife, and then ●went to wor
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●the monks and nuns are his very humble■ servants.'[210] The primate,● however, took l

ittle part in this g■reat measure.[211] =SUPPRESSION OF THE ●MONASTERIES.= The Bill for the su●ppression of the monasteries passed the two Hous■es on the 4th of February, 1536. ●It gave to the king and his heirs■ all the convents whose annual income ■did not exceed £200 sterling.● About ten thousand monks an■d nuns were secularized. This Act adde■d to the revenue of the Crown a

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